About Us

The South Shropshire Blues Club was started by Maurice Arnold in 2012 as the ‘Bridgnorth Blues Club’ but soon moved to Ludlow in 2013 and settled at it’s current venue – The Ludlow Brewery in 2014.
The South Shropshire Blues Club is currently run by a small but perfectly formed management team of 4.

Maurice, (known as Moz) started the club as a way to bring together people as passionate about Blues as he was! Having been effected by Cancer by the passing of someone very close to him, he decided these music nights should also raise money for Cancer Research UK.

In 2014, Moz met Jack Brett who was out busking on his slide guitar on the streets of Ludlow, they soon noted their mutual love of Blues and Jack was asked to perform at the first ‘Blues In The Barn’ outdoor event in Summer of 2014. Soon after, Jack got more actively involved in the running of the blues club, providing the full PA system, sound engineering the events and securing a resident spot as the South Shropshire Blues Club opening band at the end of 2014.

It was around this time, that Marketing and Events Management expert, Stacie Jones became involved in the day to day running of the club and decided to kick off 2015 with a bang, with branding, a website and marketing strategies in place to take the club to the next level. Since then, the club has grown increasingly in size and popularity, with the bi-monthly gigs selling out and Blues artists from far and wide wanting to play.

At the end of 2016, the South Shropshire Blues Club was able to present Cancer Research with a cheque for over £2000, in 2017 we can only hope to increase this!


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